Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The World's Best Cycle Coach from Central Queensland

Cam Jennings | Cycling Queensland’s Professional Coach of the Year 2011
Cam Jennings will be in the shop this Monday (22nd December) afternoon at 4pm until about 6pm. Got any cycling queries you've always wanted to ask, there'll be a question and answer session at about 5pm, all welcome.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Trek Brand Story

Born in a barn
Raised on rocket science
Raced to win
Warrantied for life
Loved the world over
We Believe

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Weather

You can simplify weather conditions down to: Conducive to riding, or not....

Who rode yesterday? Who got caught out in the thick of it? How wet did you get?

See : 128km Radar Loop for Gladstone, 02:00 19/11/2014 to 23:00 19/11/2014 UTC
What a storm yesterday in CQ.
....and on the other side of the globe...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The 'Just Landed' Department

A shipment of brand new 2015 Trek Bikes has just landed in Australia, for our enjoyment. Not just any old bikes, probably the funnest, most sought after mtb models on the planet right now.... The Trek Remedy and the Trek Fuel EX.
2015 Trek Remedy 9 27.5
2015 Trek Remedy 9 27.5 | Nysa Blue/ Rhymes with Orange | $4899rrp

Back in Stock...

The Inspirational

Through the 1990's and early 2000's, Adelaide man Grant Allen's long crop of curly black hair was easy to spot as he flew over jumps and down incredible drops to achieve maximum airtime....

Monday, November 10, 2014

Visualise. Fantasise. Customise. Win Your Prize!

Visualise. Fantasise. Customise. Win Your Prize!

Project One is a uniquely premium offering from Trek, allowing you the ultimate benefit of unrivalled customisation options, resulting in dream bikes coming to life. 

  • Dates – November 3rd to November 30th
  • Description – ‘Visualise. Fantasise. Customise. Win Your Prize!’ Dream up your Project One design up to the value of $10,000 RRP via trekbikes.com. One design will be randomly drawn and created for the winner.
  • Entry process - Log into the Project One website and click
  • Choose your model.
  • Choose your options - paint, personalisation, drivetrain, components and accessories. Ensure the total cost in the top left hand corner remains below $10,000.
  • Once you have completed your design, click 'ready to roll' and 'save to my bike rack'.
  • Register a new Project One account, fill in the required fields and click 'Save'.

Your design has now been entered into the random prize giveaway. You may come back to your design and make changes prior to November 30th. Terms and Conditions apply.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Affinity and the Ajna

Introducing the new Bontrager Affinity and Ajna saddles...

Affinity redesigned

Bontrager has done extensive pressure mapping and high speed video analysis helped lay the groundwork for a new profile, resulting in more sustained comfort for riders rotated into Posture 3 positions. Available now, come and see us at M1 Cycles.
Introducing the new Affinity and Ajna saddles
Bontrager Affinity
Features that make the New Affinity better than ever:
  • Posture 3 design for neutral pelvic position provides a balance of comfort and efficiency
  • CRZ recess extends through saddle nose enhancing soft tissue protection
  • Strategically placed multi-density padding for optimal comfort and performance
  • Unique Suspended rail construction increases compliance for ultimate comfort
  • Carbon rail Affinity Pro and Ti rail Affinity Elite versions are available

Brand-new Ajna Women's saddle

First announced at Trek World in July, Bontrager's all-new women's saddle will be available some time in December.
 Ajna was designed from the ground up as a women’s performance race saddle. Two years of scientific study went into the refinement of its design.

Through the study, it became clear that for most women it was not an issue of lowering soft tissue pressure, but of removing it entirely. Enter Ajna, with a refined CRZ+ cutout optimized for the female rider/racer.
Bontrager Ajna Pro
Bontrager Ajna
Features that set the Ajna apart:
  • Designed for the performance needs of Posture 2 riders with the ability to support Posture 3
  • CRZ+cutaway extends through saddle nose enhancing soft tissue protection
  • Wider cutout and shaped nose yield stable comfort in an aggressive position
  • Unique Suspended rail construction increases compliance for ultimate comfort
  • Engineered specifically to yield better fit and greater comfort for women
  • Carbon rail Ajna Pro and Ti rail Elite Ajna versions to be available

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trek Émonda SLR 8 ridden and reviewed

SLR 8 = ÉSS-EL-ARE-ATE = Accelerate

ac·cel·er·ate verb 
  1. (of a vehicle (Bicycle?) or other physical object) begin to move more quickly.
  • increase in amount or extent
  • undergo a change in velocity

At its unveiling in Australias TrekWorld in July the new Émonda SLR 10 was the most talked about product on show. The incredibly low 4.65kg (size 56) fighting weight certainly attracted a lot of attention; so too did the lofty $16,000 asking price. Surely we are reaching the limits of what is achievable with bicycle production.
The Émonda is a series of 18 models (not just one bike), including:

Trek Émonda SLR 9 WSD | $12999rrp
We LOVE the Chi Red of  the Trek Émonda SLR 9 WSD

Sure the pinnacle of production road bikes is the SLR10, but just a few steps down from this unobtainium bike is the SLR 8, with a 40% $$ saving.
Trek Émonda SLR 10 | 'unobtainium'
Trek Émonda SLR 10 | World's lightest production road bike

 Émonda (or  French verb émonder): to prune or cut.OR...less poetically, an anagram of M-A-D-O-N-E or D-O-M-A-N-E.

Émonda is light, there IS no denying this. But look beyond the scales and you'll see a remarkably well-balanced road bike that will continually impress from the second you get on board. Bontrager's direct-mount brakes offer a the perfect balance of modulation and power that we have never experienced.
Bontrager direct mount brakes
Bontrager direct mount brakes

Shove it hard into the hairpin off One Tree Hill and you can control your speed at will; supremely confident from the hoods or drops. Trek opted for a seat stay rear caliper on the Émonda, like a 'proper' bike,  rather than the aero position under the chainstay like the Madone.

....believe the hype, Émonda climbs beautifully. We couldn't believe how well, either in or out of the saddle. Needless to say, the reason won't be the bike if you can't beat your best times up Haddock Drive. But we know it's a lot to do with the efficient engineering as much as it's weight. There's magic built into this frame with a broad, flat downtube and BB90 bottom bracket providing an incredibly solid pedalling platform with no perceptible flex, even under Thunder's 'sprinter' legs. The excellent Dura-Ace crankset is...well....excellent, as always; And, "Make mine mechanical," says Matty. Brilliance is not just about the pedalling platform; the spec of the rest of this build is amazing, including the Bontrager Race X Lite TLR wheels.

So if not all about the weight, what's the ride quality like? We think it's nicely balanced front to rear, 'cat-like'; with gentle bzzz filtering up from the road through the frame equally to the handlebar and the seat. For Epic rides, this vibration could deaden the feel a bit, but your performance won't be compromised. Émonda isn't designed with comfort as the main goal, that's Domane's domain. 
Yep, Émonda was built to be a featherweight, but the ride will blow your socks off. Trek didn't sacrifice the ride over grams.