Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday Bunch Ride - 20th September

There's probably two words that sum up Saturday's ride - Laughing Bunch. At Macca's the crew were in fine form - especially the King himself - drinking Popey's coffee and filling everyone in on how women qualify for Masters racing - I'll just leave it there!!!

16 riders made the start - not bad for the start of the school holidays. Conditions were VERY foggy across the way. For a few k's I thought I had signed up for the Tour of Great Britain, the fog was that dense.

In the hitters department, Bloomers and Mick decided to step up to the plate - and step up they did. Woody must have thought that we were having a "Bob the Builder" costume ride, turning up with a very attractive fluro vest.

A few of the bunters made the trip down Kirkwood road (good to see), whilst others decided that the temptation to be first in line at Maccas was too much to resist.