Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Ride - 27th September

The world championship road race and time trials are on at the moment, but the topic of discussion before the start of this mornings ride was last nites NRL game between the Storm and the Sharks. We are such a dedicated bunch of roadies.

Last year a bunch of 15 would have been considered HUGE by our standards, this year however we are hanging around at 4:44am going - is this it? The numbers turning up on the rides are fantastic and sure makes life easier when you are in the box - Karen "in the box" means "struggling".

Kat lived up to her promise from last week to attempt the hitters ride and was joined by Sharksy for their first trip down Targinnie Lane. From the look on Kats face at Maccas - I'm guessing it was a memorable trip.

Shaun rode well in his first bunch ride - we certainly accepted him in the hitters bunch (even though he's a tri-boy).

There was controversy in the Bunters Big Mac kick with Noel and Scotty being pipped at the post by Bloomers. Regardless of the fact that Bloomers only did 30k's instead of the block, its victory on the line that matters.

Woody aka Bob was certainly in the box today but don't worry, he wasn't the only boy on the hitters bunch who got a slapping - especially over the river ranch hill circuit!

Dont forget 6am tomorrow at Hungry Jacks.