Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Sundy Hundy Club

Had a good turn out for the Sundy ride, with Dave & Wexy waiting patiently by the side of the road for the rest of the bunch to turn up , then Brony ,Karen & Jake with Woody aka BOB sporting the latest Hi Vis design straight off the building site.

Got a phone call from Mick & Kat to say they were on there way and they would catch up to us on the Dawson highway, so after a few more minutes we set off with Dave leading us out which was handy as we used him for magpie bait up until the McD’s roundabout where he popped a spoke & disappointedly turned back for home, better luck next time mate.

The rest of the bunch set a cruisey tempo heading out toward the X-roads enjoying the crisp morning expecting Mick & Kat to join us at any moment until at Beecher it got the better of me and I phoned Mick. Amongst garbled communications it was agreed to meet at the X-roads and lo and behold who should be there waiting for us, Mick & Kat! Apparently combining in a fruitless pairs pursuit ending at the servo.

Onward & forward we headed toward the Boyne valley with everyone havin’ a good old natter to each other which was easy to do without having to worry about the traffic along the Calliope to Many Peaks road. Wexy, who was a bit seedy from watching the NRL the night before was the second one to DNF with back pain plaguing him. We arrived soon after at the first of the railway X-ings where we bid farewell to Mick & his good wife Kat as they turned back to head home early to tend to the kids. After saying hoo roo, the rest of the remaining bunch put in a fine effort to arrive at the second X-ing in no time.

After taking on some sustenance + H2O a pace line was formed in a flawed endeavor to catch Kat & Mick. After we realized catching the escapees wasn’t going to happen Jake took advantage of a photo opportunity at Futter Creek on the bridge to capture the memory of his maiden 100k ride. We found Kat at the X-Road servo DNF’d waiting for Mick to return with the sag wagon.The bunch remained together all the way back into Glady whist perfecting our pace line technique until the dreaded Thotets hill which to quote Woody “always gives you a bit of a tickle” only to regroup at the top and to say thanks for the ride and see ya next Sundy.

Post courtesy of Noel.