Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Bunch Ride - 16th September

Its nice to be able to start the day by debating whether or not to wear arm warmers. The weather this morning was pleasantly warmer and those who decided to stay in bed missed the great conditions.

11 riders made the start, however IJ left his big chain ring at home (not sure what the go is with that) and subsequently couldn't hit any wind.

Pacelining through to spinniker park was near perfect with the bulk of the pack remaining together until the kick - which Matty took. Its great to see riders like Mick pulling through for turns all the way to the finish and Kat hanging in until the end.

Kittstar took out the coin slot sprint - with a very pointed victory salute at "Thomas". The Kittstar / Thomas battle took place agian on redrover hill with Thomas winning the hill climb - this time.

Not sure why Bec wasn't on the bunch ride this morning???!! and Karen - where the devil are you????

Bunch ride leaves Wednesday nite from the back of the shop, 5:30pm sharp - remember, Polar time is never wrong.