Sunday, October 5, 2008

MM Update

The boys are doing us proud.

The Ramp Sprint - Matty succesfully defended his crown. Winning his 8th ramp title (also claiming fastest time of the nite). Woody placed second in his division.

The Time Trial - Marty took out first place. Tell me Marty, were you the only one with an aero helmet???? Woody and Whiffo both suffered and Matty DNF, although still picked up one point.

The Road Race - Marty claimed second place in a break with another rider. Marty now holds the yellow jersey on the road coming into the final day of racing. Matty claimed third place. Woody is also in third spot on GC in his division. Apparently Eric was found lying under the ute after suffering through the road race. Reports are that they he is actually having a good time (go figure). Whiffo was also pleased with his RR efforts, although being dropped from the main bunch, he hung on longer than last year.

Today is the Kremese.