Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Obsession

Some girls have an obsession with shoes. Some girls have an obsession with clothes. Me, I have an obsession - some would say - with cycling jerseys.

As promised Popey, here is my collection. In total there are 26 different jerseys in my wardrobe. Enough to train for an entire month without wearing the same jersey twice! Including duplicate jerseys, the total is over 30.

My favourites are the pink ones (obviously), but some pink jerseys are favoured more than others. Highest ranked at the moment would be the newly acquired Trek wsd jersey. That's why Bec (Bic) has such excellant taste.

There are a few old school jerseys in the collection aswell, including a CQU jersey from my university days.

The collection would total 27, but dare I say it - the Avanti jersey my sister bought me a few years ago was banished from existence!!