Monday, October 27, 2008

Rider Profile - Warren Buchanan

What bike do you ride?
Currently a Trek 1400 but have just ordered a Madone.
What would be your dream bike?
A Titanium and Dura-Ace number, no bling just performance.
What's your day job?
Maintenance Tech / Facilitator / Planner @ Orica Chemicals
What's your favourite ride?
Mooloolaba to Noosa on the David Lowe Way. It follows the coast and that part of the country is good on the optic nerve weather riding or having a brew.
Most memorable biking experience?
This years Mt Cootha challenge with Croz/Farm boy and Russell (Farm boys brother).
Least memorable biking experience?
First ever ride on wet road, came off on entry to roundabout and did ligaments in both knees resulting in 2 months off bike and donating large portion of salary to physio.
Bike rider you admire the most?
Stuart O'Grady - An Aussie lad who's had some bumps along the way but fights to the end (also proves that bald guys can ride).