Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rider Profile - Warren Pyne

What bike do you ride?
Started life as a Norco hybrid flat bar but has since been modified with a shorter stem and road handle bars. So its a bit different.
What would be your dream bike?
What can I say Matt? Trek Madone!! A nice red one.
What's your day job?
Planner / Co-ordinator
What's your favourite ride?
Early mornings up the Boyne Valley out to the second rail crossing. Haven't done it in ages.
Most memorable biking experience?
Every ride is memorable. The mix of people, conditions and personal ability all add up to make every ride different. This blog site is proof of that.
Least memorable biking experience?
First bunch ride which ended up with me in hospital. But that's a long story.
Bike rider you admire the most?
Jens Voigt. Comes across in interviews as really enjoying the part he plays for team CSC. "Getting paid to hurt other riders." A man of outstanding ability.