Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Sandwich Maker

Perfect riding conditions today. What more can I say... no clouds in the sky, no buffeting winds.. in fact, no wind at all and best of all, great company. A modest bunch today, mixed with a couple of new faces - Hamish and Michael.

I found myself in the Titan sandwich today on the hitters ride. A downhill section next to the tandem on dog rollover followed with a turn beside Thomas the Tank. Yep, I was having an enjoyable time. Just you wait Thomas, I'm going to train up to smash you over River Ranch. You and me hitter.

Actually, Thomas was attracting a lot of attention today - stalkers, heart rate monitors and half wheels. The boys rode well today, especially Whiffo and Grazza. Guys, its impressive.

And did anyone find out when the Thunder is heading overseas??? And of course, Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl - Alison!