Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Ride - 11th October

One thing I have learnt is that the sport of cycling is all about suffering. When you start riding, you suffer to hang onto the back of the pack. As you get stronger, you suffer when pulling turns during pacelining. Then, when you are a hitter you suffer when there are only a few of you left and someone jumps for the kick. When I watch the pros race, even they suffer to. In a race, generally its the rider who can suffer the most that will get the win.

Everyone has a turn at suffering. Today was mine.

With the rain hanging around until the early hours of the morning, the numbers were down for this morning's ride. As expected. Despite the wet roads and the "rooster tail", we headed off. The M n M boys (Marty and Matt) took us off from the start, and the success from last weekend was still showing. The pace was on.

The split at Yarwun was pretty even with 5 doing the hitters and 4 doing the bunters. Just about the only thing I can recall from the hitters ride was Marty's cheerful disposition. There's nothing worse when you're in the box and the strongest rider in the bunch just wants to 'have-a-chat' for 80ks.

Mick 'Muel' incurred a flat within 5k from Maccas and with the smell of coffee in the air, he was left on his own to fend for himself.

Bec made a return to the Saturday morning bunch. Boy, that's a nice jersey you were wearing this morning 'Bic' - if I do say so myself. The rumour at Maccas was that the girls pulled STRONGER, LONGER, HARDER turns then the boys in the bunters pack. Way to go Kat and Bec.

Scotty doesn't have a problem with his masculinity and will be joining the pink-eteers soon. Isn't that right Scotty?