Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Ride - 18th October

As the bunch rolled out towards Yarwun, a single light could be seen in the distance behind us. Could it be a rider working on his time trialling abilities? A rider who had suffered a mechanical or a flat before the ride? No, it was just Micky Yong with a dodgy wake up alarm. Micky - set your alarm 5 minutes earlier. That way you may actually make the start for one ride this summer.

The hitters bunch collected a few more recruits today, having a slightly larger bunch then the bunters. 9 in comparison to 7. Thomas made an appearance having returned after a few weeks of socialising. I think Thomas may have been doing a bit of secret training as he smashed the River Ranch hills as well as Cockatoo Drive.

I'm not sure what Scotty was thinking going into the River Ranch hills in his big chain ring? To add to this, Scotty then decided to take on Coin Slot in the Maccas kick. Scotty - what planet were you riding on this morning?

Maree, I'm afraid to tell you this - but when you're on the back of the tandem and you've got a big engine sitting in front of you, you kind of have to do the hills!!!

Oh, and Jake, how was that marinated chicken??

Good laughs for everyone today.