Monday, October 27, 2008

State Crit Results

Although returning to Gladstone last nite without medals, both Matty and I are pleased with our performances at the State Crit yesterday.

Matty's race busted apart from the start. One rider broke from the gun, but he was shortly joined by two other riders who bridged the gap. The chasing bunch couldn't work well enough to bring back the break away. Mind you, by the end of the race, there was less than a third of the field left.

Matty won the bunch kick, despite having a friendly chat to a southern rider in the last lap of the race. Something about lazy hundies on who was the best sprinter in queensland.... an argument I wouldn't want to have with Matty.. and obviously, this rider didn't know who the King was!!

After my message from Cycling Queensland that "as a result of my performance in 2008, I was returning to A Grade Women", I was a little nervous about the crit. But, to my surprise, the training paid off and I was comfortable in the race... even bridging a few gaps to riders attempting to get off the front and hitting a bit of wind myself.

After the weaker riders were dropped, the pace picked up and stayed firm. Coming into the final s bends and the last corner, the pace was above 50k/hr with the pink train (Marcelletes) leading out their gun rider Kirsty Broun. We hit the finish at 58k/hr and Kirsty was just too strong with that sort of lead out.

None the less, I was pleased to be feeling strong and there for the finish. Watching the finish with Matty was our relocated rider - Karen! It's nice to have a bit of support down south.