Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Sunday Jaunt

With all these great intentions of doing the hundred a small Sunday group gathered opposite HJs at 0600. (Ian, Alison, Steven, Woody, Jordy, Bloomers, Joan and myself) But I think the enthusiasm levels were a bit low all round so we took off for a nice leisurely trip around the block instead. The flat tyre came early today with Jordy pulling up just over the Calliope River. This was probably just as well as 2 very large police escorted wide loads trundled past during the repair.

Poor Bloomers had some spoke issues (what the hell is wrong with your wheels man!) the day before so he borrowed a nice little Norco from Ian and Alison.
Just over Dog Hill we were overtaken by some of Dave’s crew, who swapped some genial pleasantries then powered away in to the distance. But that’s ok, we were just cruising.
Once back home I&A invited us around for tea and cake! Myself (with Carmen) and Bloomers made it and had a lovely morning eating Noel’s banana cake.