Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Paparazzi

Under the cold grey clouds menacing Gladstone this morning four intrepid riders met up for a Sundy Hundy ride – Joan, David K, Woody and myself. Notable absences this morning were Noel and Warren (a bit too much Sat night cheers fellas?). Once we had done a quick stock take of snakes we decided to head out to the 2nd railway crossing at Boyne, although we stopped at the roadhouse for even more snakes just in case…
The clouds lightened up and apart from the headwind outbound the ride was excellent, and even a little chilly at times. But we knew that headwind would become a most welcome tailwind for the return journey...didn’t we….that’s what happens isn’t it…usually? Nope, not this time anyway. Shortly after turning around for home the wind started to buffet us from the north east and never let up all the way back to Happy Rock. Bugger! L
Dave did amazingly well for his first 100 with no signs of weakening, although its great the way he can pull out a flat tyre on demand just for a longer rest at the roadhouse J And Joan gave us a lesson in keeping a smooth pace out the front, but a master-class in drafting (I think she was just making the most of that big square fleuro thing in front of her).
However, approaching the last hill before Red Rover we were surprisingly attacked by the paparazzi, getting some secret pics of us in action! Woody (Mr Gu) saw this as his cue to leap ahead of the peloton, leaving the rest of us to slowly crawl up the rise. A cunning plan catching us at our weakest moment with over 90kms under our belts.

Once again another most enjoyable ride with great company, so who’s up for next week? J