Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday Nite - Hell Ride

Two words sum up last nites ride - CHARACTER BUILDING. Yep, it was pretty much the worst conditions we've had so far this year. Not only was it as windy as anything, but we had rain. The kind of rain that feels like someone is throwing frozen peas at you - really hard.

Despite the conditions, a good crew turned out for the adventure. Jacko (the tandem tow-a-along) was looking pretty ahh... spunky in his speed racer outfit. Marty, decided to dress in a much less spectacular outfit - his new yellow jersey from MM. Nice.

On completion of the first lap, the pack suddenly disbanded and only 8 riders solidered on for the second lap. I must admit that the second lap wasn't as bad as the first.... I think the frozen peas had thawed out by then.

The only new rider, Ben picked a really great nite to ride in the pack and Noel is still having problems arriving at the start on time.