Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday Ride - 16th October

One way of looking at the ride last nite is like this. One pink rose amongst a BIG bunch of thorns!! Sorry guys - I was feeling a little out numbered last nite.

We had the biggest bunch on any ride thus far this year. There was definately over 20 riders, possibly over 23, it was a little hard to tell. It also meant only having to do 2 rotations at the front and endless conversation in between.

With such a large pack, with a few inexperienced riders, the name of the game was staying upright and out of trouble. There were a few close calls and Matty ended up in the dirt at one stage. He did however show excellent bike skills by bunny-hopping back onto the road.

Fabio took out the bunch sprint after a serious lead out effort from Matty.

Did anyone notice Warren's new front wheel? He was pretty chuffed about it and surprised no-one had noticed it!