Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tis Was The Nite Before Christmas.....

Well, not entirely. But for a few of our boys, it's the nite before Maryborough Masters. Matty, Marty, Andrew, Aaron and Eric are off to Maryborough tomorrow for a weekend of racing. Racing consists of the Ramp Sprint (150m), Time Trial, Kremese and Road Race.

The Ramp Sprint kicks off proceedings on Friday Nite.

Its only for the older generation (over 35's) - hence, the blog editor isn't attending. But, that means I get to keep you all updated over the weekend as the results come in.

Matty is defending his Ramp Sprint for the 8th time - same number as the legendary Lance if he competes in the Tour next year. The Tour De France that is.

Marty and Andrew are making return appearances whilst Woody and Eric are making debuts. Should be a great weekend.... but I think the accomodation may be a bit cosy!