Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Toot Toot Ride (Saturday)

I think for the first time this year, the hitters ride had more riders than the bunters - wahoo!!! With the big boys being away at Maryborough, many riders saw the opportunity to have a crack at the hitters ride with the pacing being off (just slightly). Kat, Graham and Pommy Ian came for the ride. Your willingness to step out of the comfort zone is impressive.

The hitters pulled the flaty clause along Kirkwood road when Graham punctured (probably much to Grazza's relief).

The bunters collected a few additional riders along the way. Noel was explaining at the coffee shop why he was late .... and ah, lets just say that its probably one story that's best not posted on the blog. As Kat said: How about those Broncos? Noel, you just keep doing that TT practice.

A noticed absentee was Pyney???? Very strange for Pyney to miss a Saturday ride.

Enjoy the Sundy Hundy for those who are riding.