Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday - 14th October

The sun is beginning to rise earlier every day now, making life easier for the 5am Tuesday morning starts. I love it. The earlier the sun rises, the bigger the bunch rides get. Today we had 12 - plus 2 pick ups along the way.

Today we welcomed back a few old faces to the pack - Steve K, Joan and Jordie. Its great to see you all return. Steve, it appears that in your absence your bike cleaning skills haven't improved.

The paceline along Hanson Road was firm with only a bunch of 6 remaining after the Stickmakers roundabout. A car interruption at the GPA roundabout threw the remaining riders off momentum.

Today's star performer award go's to Kat. After attacks along Cockatoo Drive and a quick descent back onto the main road there were only four riders remaining - and Kat was one of them. Kat with that performance you should be proud. You are the star rider for today - (that's your star in the corner!!!)