Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday Nite Ride

Last nite was the second last of the J Hickey circuits for the Wedneday nite rides. Yes Marty - I can hear you cheering from the Farm already.

From 29th October we will be heading back out around the block for the Wednesday session. The pace will remain off though for a few weeks to allow new riders to join in.

8 riders left the start and we collected Woody along the way. I'm not sure what to make of Fabio's upperbody outfit though... it was kind of a bit skin tight?? Must be a Fabio thing.

Bloomers rode extremely well through some tough sections, particularly Redrover. Bloomers - you've been hanging around Micky Yong to much as the heavy breathing was getting a bit scarey!

It was much better riding conditions in comparison to recent times, but it didn't stop the bunch from splintering around the J Hickey circuits. For a medium paced (yeah right) session, it was pretty tough. Marty was spitting out riders like peanut shells.