Friday, October 3, 2008

Wednesday / Thursday Wrap Up

Wednesday nite was blustry conditions but a decent pack. The young guns (Fabio & Boris) were out in force arriving just before scheduled departure.

Jake is becoming a regular on all of the bunch rides - watch out for improvement. Also watch out for mysterious black objects on Kirkwood Road. It nearly threw one little kitty off her bike.

Thursday nite was not so blustry and an even better pack. 17 in total. All riders were in good spirits. The dogs are talking (or texing) that Mick Newall (not Muel), took out major points on the kick.

Hey Noel, the ride leaves at 5:30 from the back of the shop.

Now that i've got your attention - Mick (Sailor Boy), did well on the mountain bike again. Hanging onto the pack for the entire first lap.