Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Hitters Hijinx

With grey clouds looming in the distance as we rolled out from the start, we should have expected what was to come. But I don't think any of us did.

A big bunch today - 21. I counted myself today Wazza. Oh and by the way - nice bling. The pack split pretty evenly at Yarwun, with a few of the bunters stepping up for a "roll" with the hitters.

Matty got a flat at the bottom of the River Ranch hills which activated the flatty clause. Can I just point out that as a general rule it only takes one flatty for the clause to be activated on the hitters ride. Today, we had a total of seven flatties by the time we hit the Pump Station Road. By this time, any rider who had not incurred a flat, was not game to admit it for fear of encouraging the jinx. Kirkwood Road was definately a no go.

In addition to the flatties, there was a standing fall from the tandem twins, a shortage of water and an abundance of humidity and headwinds. In general it was a pretty jinxed ride.

Hey Popey, I will post some pictures from the Canberra Tour last year, just in case you're afraid that your back tyre may spin out in the "damp" when climbing hills.