Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Perfect Ride

A bunch of 7 turned up for last nites ride. I must admit my thoughts on the way to the shop were a mix of anticipation and fear of what lay ahead.

With the usual traffic, the bunch made it safely out to Yarwun where we were greeted with words of wisdom from the King - Back it off, the pace is still too hard.. blah blah blah... As Farm Boy pointed out, the perfect paceline doesn't exist!

All was well until Smoothie punctured at Calliope River. There was some banter, some pumping, some more banter and even more laughing. Eventually we got back on the road - only to puncture on River Ranch Hills. I was grateful for this as I was about to experience a really embarrasing moment in my cycling career - being beaten up the hills by Jake and Wazza - take no offence to that boys, you guys are riding brilliantly.

Fears aside, the ride was great - some hard parts, some funny parts and some great company.