Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Rep Ride

Even with the drizzle the riders still turned up for this mornings hit out. Was it the GT rep on the ride? Or was it the opportunity to show off new kits? Nice M1 kit Jake - just aswell you got that heads up. And nice Skins Bec - speaking of Skins, there is an interesting article on the cycling Skins in the latest Bicycling Australia mag.

Mick Muel was in full GT kit and GT bling - who were you trying to impress? - and he even had the legs to match, especially on the first paceline. Cat - keep banging your head mate, you are going great guns.

There were a few quiet riders in the paceline this morning - Whiffo, didn't get a whiff of you at all. Grazza, that mo must be slowing you down and Ken, mate I think I saw you roll through once.

I'm just glad to be off the bike today.