Monday, November 24, 2008

Rider Profile - Martin Cooper

What bike do you ride?
TREK T1000 Tandem.
When I’m all alone and can’t find a stoker, I sometimes give the NORCO a whirl.
Getting hard to find approved stokers these days too. Ever since the M1 commandment was made public, “Thou art too strong and thou shalt not be permitted to Stoke on thy bunch ride.”

What would be your dream bike?
“What would be ?”…. TREK T1000 Tandem.
I’m already living the dream.
If you need another answer, see this link -
What's your day job?
Farm hand.
What's your favourite ride?
0530 roll to work. Just can’t wait to get to the farm.
Most memorable biking experience?
For racing, it was my Masters A debut @ 08 Sunny coast tour - Kenilworth RR.
For fun, it’s been the annual Tandem touring holidays with Maree.
Least memorable biking experience?
Could have been that same Kenilworth RR. The Kenilworth sag wagons were AMBULANCES and they were not idle. Overlooking the flat car battery, good luck prevailed for the M1 riders.
If you want to experience some fairly serious racing close to home…nominate for 09 Sunny coast tour.

Bike riders you admire the most?
Armstrong for inspiration, hype, TDF drama and coming back from both cancer and retirement to just do it… again.
Boonga for all the trash talkin, morale boostin, shit bagin, life style changing entertainment. Non stop. 24 hrs a day.
Pyney for enthusiasm. Being keen to ride for the right reasons.
Mick England for being the down to earth, home town hitter.
Craig Taylor for proving that actions speak louder than looks.
Dunny for showing how fast you can TT with only a modest sized engine.
PowerKat for reinventing herself as the webmistress bloggstar.