Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Roller Ride

While the bunch was out doing the Saturday morning hitout, I was on the rollers doing a one hour session. Excitement plus.

The roller hour consisted of 5 minutes off / 5 minutes on. Maintaining 100 cadence for both the off and the on intervals, but dropping down 2 gears for the on intervals. Make sense? Once the legs walmed up it was obviously easier to go to a harder gear for the easier interval.

I'm talking rollers here guys, not ergos. Trackies use them alot and they teach you to pedal really well. A lot of balance and co-ordination is required and the easiest way to learn to ride them is to set them up between a doorway. That way you can stop yourself from falling off.

They make you a smooth pedaller if you can master them.