Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Ride

If last week was the ride for flatties then this week was the ride for mechanical problems. First cab off the rank was Mike who lost his front brake pad on the way to the ride. Thomas, on his new frame had an issue with his sloppy cranks - just too much power Thomas!! And the final rider to go was Farm Boy with a broken spoke.

Thomas and Whiffo were leaders in the 40k club - that's 40k/hr club mind you. Boys you really have to back off that secret interval training on the way to work. You were great to draft behind but remember - I'm just a girl (with pigtails to prove it).

Pyney's mishap in the bunters bunch put a dampner on the morning. But it mite be a good reminder to everyone to back off the wheels a bit and to be careful with throwing back your bike when you get out of the saddle. Just putting my school teachers hat on - how did I go Steve K?