Friday, November 7, 2008

The Thursday Thrash

A big turn out for the Thursday nite thrash this week - 19 in fact (thanx Wazza). It was quite a big sea of M1 jerseys as we left the shop - a spectacular sight to see.

One Thursday we should have a M1 jersey ride to get some good group photos for the blog....

If we thought the dirt in the industrial estate was bad last week - this week it was worse. The dirt had grown into boulders that were just begging to be run into by unsuspecting roadies. Thankfully all riders made the two laps through the mine field without incident.

Someone in the pack was seeking some sprinting advice... the Spinniker Park kick must be worth big bikkies, hey Jake.

As for the kick, it wound up early again... man, who keeps jumping from the pack so darn early?? Fabio took the prize, but was challenged by Farm Boy going through the gates.

Long time no see Pommy Ian - glad to have you back.