Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday Ride

I don't know if it was the running of the Spinniker Park Cup or if it was the great conditions, but what ever the reason was - Tuesday's ride was an absolute smash fest.

It was by far the fastest average we've seen for the circuit - 32.5k/hr pulling into K-mart. To everyone who rode, it was fantastic. Every single rider is lifting to another level, making the ride smoother, faster and harder.

At the Spinniker Park kick, there were still 6 riders pulling turns. Andrew on "Consistently Good" claimed the cup, closely followed by "Blue Thunder", "Big Gear"and "Just a Girl".

Stevek K pulled a "fake flatty"clause in the paceline having run off the road into the dirt and getting a gobful from the King.

All in all, a great session. The efforts of IJ and Al on the tandem to just miss the Big Mac kick was pretty darn impressive. To have that tandem wound up the way you did all morning was fantastic.