Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bunch Ride - Saturday 20th

Every Saturday bunch ride seems to be going along the same lines - the hitters were smashing, and a new fastest time around the block was achieved.

The story is no different today, except for the fastest time. Thanx to Cat losing her light along Shillings lane, the bunch was 23 seconds slower than last week - nice one Cat, you ruined the average!!!! Not to be outdone though, hubby Mick had this weeks flat and make-believe-mechanical - were you feeling a little left out Mick???

The one minute dogs have been keeping the bunch rolling over smoothly and quickly. The hitters kick was won by Eric the Viking. Did anyone see who jumped from the pack at the Penda Ave roundabout - I'm not sure who it was, I hadn't seen him all ride???

Chappo survived his first Saturday bunch ride having backed up from Thursday. Oh, and did anyone see Fab's arms on Thursday???