Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have Your Say

Here's the debate - Did Kate and Cat "drop the hammer" when taking off from the lights at the Hanson Road intersection on the first lap of the paceline?

The stats have been provided by the Garmin Lord and they are as follows: When Kate and Cat started rolling, the pace was 27.5k/hr. It took 500m for the pace to be 37.5k/hr. It appears to me, that the hammer WAS NOT dropped. And even if it was boys, we're just a couple of girls in pink, come on.

Besides the debate (that continued to rage at Maccas), the paceline was hot hot hot with an average of 39.2k/hr for the paceline. A big big big bunch for the last Tuesday ride before Chrissy - it was great to see. Maximum number of girls on the ride today too - 6!!!!

IJ thought we were racing for sheep stations along Dawson Highway and nearly made a Cat sandwich for breakfast.