Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rep Profile - Kerry Bartle (Mr Trek)

Now I know I get a little excited about a few things, Trek being one of them, but until you meet Kerry - you ain't seen nothin!! DONE.

Kerry's the new Queensland State Trek rep and he's as passionate as they come. Before migrating north, Kerry worked at Clarence Street Cycles in Sydney as a sales rep for 10 years, and from what I hear, he's the same enthusiastic bloke everyday of the year. DONE.

We've seen Kerry twice in the past three months and he's helped out M1 Cycles immensely with plenty of fresh ideas and hints. He knows everything about Trek and associated products - including the correct way to pronounce Bontrager - its actually "Bo-Ranger". Thanx Kerry, we've been pronouncing it wrong for ages. DONE.

If you are wondering what's with all the DONE's, just ask Kerry. DONE.