Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Three Cats Ride

If Mick England had done a 299k ride, Thunder had done a 300k ride. If Mick England had done 71k/hr in a kick, then Matty has done 72k/hr in a kick. That's the way last nites ride went. Mick had two cats, Matty had three. Everyone had a laugh.

Our little bunch of 5 was in good spirits after safely running the gauntlet again this week. We did run straight past Woody & Pete - they disappeared as fast as they got on the back of us.

Wazza B was in the box - see what happens when you do all those ekky k's Wazza!! Eric the viking had been overdosing on half wheel medicine and was sticking it to everyone who he did a turn beside. For Eric's effort, he pulled a flatty across Shillings way, which allowed the rest of us to recover.

As a special treat for the last Wednesday nite ride of the year, the bunch pulled in for a coke at the cross roads. More of a sugar fix than a celebration.