Friday, January 16, 2009

The Long Grass Ride

The biff boys - Johann and Fab turned up for their first Wednesday nite ride. The bunch ran into Woody along Hanson Rd and then picked up Whiffo, Lord Garmin and Spycat at Yarwun aka Point Soft Serve.

When it came to River Ranch Hills, Fabbio was on fire (making up for his explosion on Saturday). He went up like a rocket and was chased hard by Thunder. Whiffo was complaining about not having a 39 chain ring at the top of the hills.... umm, Whiff, just put some more pressure on those pedals.

Both Thunder and Lord Garmin pulled flatties before and after Shillings lane. Neither were entitled to the new "Shillings Lane Flattie Clause" due to the flatties being pulled on the bitumen section of Shillings. That's a bit of a technocality.

I spent all nite searching for some long grass. Thank goodness for the second flattie.