Friday, January 16, 2009

Rider Profile - Jordan Hampton

1. What bike do you ride?
Apollo Ventox I think haha
2. What would be your dream bike?
Trek Madone for sure what level probably 5.2
3. What's your day job?
Bike mechanic/sales assistant I guess. Anyone?
4. What's your favourite ride?
Any ride. They're all good as each other and all different which keeps it interesting
5. Most memorable biking experience?
Well I'd have to say back in my shipper snapper when forgetting to tighten my front wheel bunnyhopped up the gutter with my front wheel travelling further than i did lol. or coming back from town with glen taking a fall coming in for the big mac sprint.
6. Least memorable biking experience?
Geez i'm not really sure there all pretty exciting so its hard to forget.
7. Bike rider you admire the most?
I guess its hard to pick a rider to admire I just admire all riders who give it their best and keep punching along no matter what.