Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday Nite Ride - 22nd January

Another 20+ ride again this week. It would appear that most M1 riders are back to the world of reality and the holiday season is over!! A few riders were picked up along the way adding to our merry bunch of riders.

Scottie was getting ready for the kick at the Hanson Road lights on the first lap. When it finally came to the kick, it wound up earlier again this week. Johann on his first Thursday ride jumped the pack and was quickly joined by - you guessed it - Fabbio.

At the tear drop, the twosome had been joined by Pommy Ian. This was the last the bunch saw of the trio and as this blog is being posted, its unsure who actually got the kick. Could it be that Fabbio's crown has been stolen???

Oh, and there was a traitor in the pack in Yellow Jersey kit.....