Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 28th January

Some days on the bike are like diamonds, but nine times out of ten, days on the bike are like coal. Today I felt like an old steam train - I was shoveling the coal in as fast as I could, but the old legs weren't responding. It was a tuff day in the saddle.

Without Lord Garmin on the ride, it was impossible to tell what the average speed was for the paceline. I know this much - it was hard. Coming into Hanson Road for the 2nd lap, there were only 3 riders left pulling turns. The remainder of the bunch had been blown to pieces - again.

It appears that the bunch is splitting into 2 at the end of Kirkwood Road before the Koowin Hill - those that want to suffer do the climb, those that want to survive, avoid it. The survivors are still putting in the effort along the Cockatoo Drive section which is good to see.

Everyone just wants to get stronger.