Monday, February 9, 2009

Rider Profile - Dave "Bloomers"

1. What bike do you ride (road)?
G T Series five with new Shimano wheels (Haven't done a spoke yet)
2. What would be your dream bike?
Somthing that is lighter then what I have know ,it's had enough know with the extra weight . TREK of course 5.1
3. What's your day job?
Process Tech B.S.L
4. What's your favourite ride?
One I dont brake spokes or have flats. Block and wed night before touch footy.
5. Most memorable biking experience?
Having four flats in one day should of stayed home that day!!and racing just for laughs.
6. Least memorable biking experience?
Watching other people go down in front of you .
7. Bike rider you admire the most?
New starters that turn up day in day out and inprove to make it to the hitters.