Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 3rd March

The first thing I noticed this morning when I got up was how dark it was. The sun is no longer creeping up the skyline to meet the bunch as we roll out, instead, its starting to sleep in. At least it will soon be cooler.

The downside of having a holiday, time off the bike and too many vodkas is the suffering that occurs when you eventually get back on the bike. Yep, I was expecting sufferance this morning - and I got it. Have we always been going that fast around the first Paceline??? And was I really capable of pulling turns until the 2nd lap of Hanson Road??? Seems like a lifetime ago that I had some good form. But, I did choose to drink the vodka so I took my sufferance and kept quiet!!!

The right turn on Dawson highway and onto Haddock drive is a somewhat welcomed change. I'm sure when I regain some fitness Haddock will be a useful addition to my training however, today it just plain hurt.

And Johan - it was just a little froggie you ran over. Poor froggie.