Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Haddock Heroes & Kirkwood Kowards

A special welcome back to the pack for Summo and Jake who have come out of semi-retirement in the past week. Both riders have made at least 3 rides in the past week. Good to see you back boys.

With a green light on Hanson Road, the bunch had a good start to the paceline. Johann and Thomas did a bit of dirt dancing at the dump turnoff, but fortunately both remained up right. Report from Lord Garmin was that Johann got the kick after an early break away attempt by Woody. Ave speed for techos was 39.06k/hr for the paceline.

The coin slot sprint turned into a bunch explosion as Woody and Johann both attempted yet another early breakaway. Thunder spoiled the show and bridged the gap to take the kick.

Lord Garmin now needs to earn some brownie points after leaving SpyCat to fix her own mechanical on Kirkwood.