Monday, April 27, 2009

Rider Profile - Ken Ridden

What bike do you ride?
My roadie is a basic Trek 1.2 , Mountain bike is another Trek (of course!) Fuel EX8 duallie. Both in black so make a nice pair. Still trying to talk Hayley into having the EX8 hanging on the wall in the lounge so I've got something decent to look at when the T.V is on. What would be my dream bike? That would have to be a little green one I saw about 16 years ago ....just read on..
Whats your day job?
Used to be an organic material repositioning technician (chippy) now I'm an artifacts and display conservation specialist (picture framer)!
What's your favourite ride?
These days one with the same amount of skin as I left home with! Other than that, Saturday mornings, be it round the block mountain biking or pace-lining.
What's your most memorable biking experience?
Man, so many where do I start? Well while in Israel staying on a kibbutz, a friendly Aussie asked me one night if I fancied going for a ride tomorrow? Sounded like a great idea bearing in mind we were half cut sitting in the pub!
The day that followed started with a 2 hour switch-back climb to the top of the Golan Heights (the highest mountains bordering the Israeli, Syrian and Lebanese borders). Then through some villages and onto further mountains. One village had a border put through it literally over-night in the past and families and loved ones were forever seperated depending on what side of the fence you were when it went up! The only communication the split families have now is to go to the 'Shouting Point' 100 yards apart either side of the fence and well, shout for each other. They say money is the route of all evil, sometimes I think it may be religion itself.
On a lighter note it was great achieving the first pace-line on a Tuesday after Christmas.
But THE most memorable was seeing my now wife (Hayley) riding a little green bike from her lodgings to the dining room on the kibbutz in Israel!
And then there's Noosa, the 'Real Ale Wobble', Hexagon Pools, London to Brighton etc etc

Least memorable biking experience?
Not that I'm superstitious BUT one Halloween afternoon when I was thirteen, I was riding the local skate park to show off my new handle-bar stem (major bling!) I landed from some big air into 'the snakes head' , the stem proceeded to snap off leaving my face to take the impact of what was left sticking out of the head-set. The result was my mum not being able to look at me for a week (sorry mum). I now have 3 false teeth and a lumpy top lip! To think we didn't even wear helmets back then?! Lesson learned I suppose, perhaps!
Bike rider you admire the most?
ANY of the elite riders, be it mountain or road bikers. The strict regime they adhere to to get to where they are blows my mind. Also anybody who just rides a bike for the pure pleasure of riding.