Monday, April 6, 2009

Rider Profile - Rebecca Mahy

1. What bike do you ride?
A Trek WSD 2.3. It is an aluminium frame but has some carbon bits :-) and nice wheels
2. What would be your dream bike?
Any level Madone, Custom painted in hot Pink and black with Hot Pink Bar tape, a diva saddle and race wheels with pink tyres. Mmmmmmmmm 3. What's your day job?
Keeping the street of Gladstone safe, or at least I try to!
4. What's your favourite ride?
So many to choose from! I like Tuesday morning as I really know i am alive when I am chasing the bunch desparately trying to hang on and then it does not stop there as recently they have added Haddock drive to end and of course, I don't want to seem weak so I drag my butt up there too. I love the Saturday morning ride too but the bunters ride is a little slow for me now and the hitter is just that bit too fast, hmmmm just more training I think or I might have to start my own intermediate group, who's with me? But my favourite ride would have to be the Thursday morning (Police) ride, this is where I learnt to ride and love seeing new riders join in, tho we seem to have scared a few off of late as it has been down to the regulars for quite a few weeks.
5. Most memorable biking experience?
The day I got my first bike and rode it home! I will never forget it! I left Mattys shop and fell off at the corner (dam those clets) got back on and rode out to Glenlyon to the Philip Street roundabout and fell off again when i tried to stop. Went to take off and lost my chain, lucky Rodent (Mick N or Garmin Lord as he is better known) was about and helped me put it back on after having a good giggle about my trip so far. Finally got home after riding 10k and thought WOW I am a bike rider now. 10k was a big deal all those months ago (13mths) and now I think 30k is a little ride. How things change. Also i have to mention the time I made it up the Haddock road "Mountain" for the first time. I did not believe I was capable of riding up such a hill and proved myself (and a few others i think) wrong. Just goes to show that sometimes you do not know what you are capable off until you try!!!
6. Least memorable biking experience?
That would have to be the 13th September 2008, when i decided to take on a gutter and lost. That was one of the most scary things I have ever experienced, but you know the thing I was most upset about was the fact that my bike was in two peices. Needless to say I have never ridden up that hill again and steer well clear of gutters. You can not trust gutters, they just jump out from no where! The next most memorable one would be when Mick nearly got cleaned up by a crain on Hanson Road. It was not so much the incident but what followed that made it memorable! Enough said!
7. Bike rider you admire the most?
Anyone who has the courage to jump on a bike where you feet are clipped in and have only two thin tyres between you and the road, then ride out with the lunatics in cars, trucks, crains etc on the road! People like Lance Armstong, Robbie McEwan, and all those guys who complete races like Tour de france. Just being able to comlpete such a race is an achievement but being able to win a stage or the overall race is just amazing. With in our bunch I would say, Matty, Mick, Marty, Warren, Kate and Cat. If I could be half as good as these guys I would be happy. These guys are not only good but encourage new riders to better themselves by dropping hints now and then like "don't drop the wheel girl" and by giving you a push up a hill now and then or an encouraging word when you feel you just can not go any further. Training with these guys and girls makes me want to be a better rider.