Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday Ride - 25th April

Approximately ten riders attended the 5am start at Hungry Jacks this week including four triathletes from Tannum Sands. The group were surprised to enjoy the company of Wazza who was stretching his legs for the first time in a long time. Upon reaching Yarwun the triathletes roared ahead, taking Wazza and Popey along with them. Popey was never to be seen again but Wazza was to be found waiting for the remaining group of four at the crossroads sometime later.

The pace was comfortable and the conversation enjoyable as the bunch continued around the block. The group of four consisting of Croz, Paul, and Murray the Yellow Wiggle were led home by Wazza and Pyney who should also be credited as the only rider to include Kirkwood Road and Cockatoo Drive before enjoying a well deserved coffee at McDonalds. Wazza attempted a lone breakaway from Penda roundabout but when he realised he was being tailed let the sprint go uncontested allowing the bumble bee to finish ahead of the chasing pack.

Upon arriving at McDonalds, no one from M1 was to be seen although the restaurant was overflowing with people no doubt after attending the dawn service. Where were the hitters this Saturday?

A small group of only 4 hitters turned up for the townie. Thomas was eventually convinced to have a Latte at Maccas however, upon arrival, the overflow of people out the Maccas door scared us all away.