Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday Nite Ride - 2nd April

Thursday night’s ride saw nine riders participate this week. The Trek representative was at the shop and much to Thunder’s dismay, all but two bikes on the ride were from alternative manufacturers. Even if Noel had arrived on time it would have made no difference at all as instead of his trusted steed he had removed the cotton wool from his BH for the evening.

After a minutes silence in memory of Whiffo’s bicycle the group set off into the evening. The absence of Thunder meant the pace increased unabated and was arguably too fast for a Thursday.

BSB had selected a shorter ankle length version of the famed sock for his jaunt and in a colour closer to taupe than the chocolate elected by Fabio for his retro jersey.

Chappo was with the group only fleetingly before a puncture ended his evening and although Old School was sighted heading in the opposite direction to the group he was also not to be seen again. Woody was lapped twice by the group in the 90 minutes; both times he was at the side of the road taking a telephone call. Was it long distance love Woody?

The issue of drug use in the sport once again sadly came to the fore when Scottie surprisingly beat Fabio in the Spinaker Park Sprint. A DNA sample will be taken from the self proclaimed “Flying Scotsman” and compared with the tainted blood found in Eufemiano Fuentes apartment.

If you do chose to add this to the blog could you please keep it anonymous?

Thanx to the mystery M1 spy reporter for the posting. Your identity will remain secret.... this time.