Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday Nite Ride - 1st April

I wish I could say that last nites ride was an April Fools day joke. Unlike the 25 dolphins at Barney Point, the ride wasn't a very funny affair.

We had our biggest fall in the pack last nite when we were pacelining across the Way. At about 50k/hr just after Turkey hill, the bunch ran over a dead kangaroo. Both Deano and Whiffo came down heavily. Deano was lucky to escape with just gravel rash and a broken bike. When I checked in with Whiffos wife last nite, it looks like he has a fractured pelvis. Whiffos bike is a little worse for wear as well.

Such is the sport we play. Needless to say, the bunch lost momentum after the fall and the riders made their own way home.

All riders in the M1 bunch wish you a speedy recovery Whiffo. Guess the numbers won't be increasing on a Wednesday nite Farm Boy.