Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Racing - 18th April

This weekend saw the biggest squadron of M1 riders so far this year make the trip to Rocky for the Kremese. Conditions were hot and still - excellant for fast racing.

A grade - Johann, Farm Boy and Thunder raced hard as usual. Both Farm Boy and Johann pulled some strong turns through out the race, but it was Thunder who stole the show with a "down to the wire" finish in the kick. See the Rocky website for the sprint finish. In the end, Thunder got third. Average speed was over 40k/hr.

B grade - Woody aka Bob, Warren Biggs, Ekka, Ben and Lord Garmin had a big field in B grade. All rode well through out the race but were out smarted by some Rocky riders on the final lap. Our adopted rider Warren, pulled off the 2nd third for the M1 squad. Average speed was just under 40k/hr.

D grade - SpyCat and Have-A-Chat had the biggest field of the day in D grade. At the finish, SpyCat pulled off a 2nd place in another sprint finish. Thanx to the Clubs great timing devices, SpyCat's 2nd place nearly turned into a third!

A special mention has to go to Ben Whiffen for last weeks race. Ben raced with the D grade handicap, with his Dad Andrew completing the ride as escort.