Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Weet Bix Ride

It's called the Weet Bix Ride, but I really should have had an extra banana pancake before I left home for the Tuesday smash. From the start of the ride - It was on!!! Well, at least I thought so anyway!!

During the paceline we finally found a nickname for Johann - Greyhound. Not after the lightening fast, super lean racing dog you might be thinking of... but of the bus variety. Here was me, tucked in behind the big Greyhound Bus during the paceline. No wonder I just about made it to the end!

That brings us to Haddock.... Oh, how sweet it is to now have bitumen across the entire dirt section!! Doesn't make the climbing any easier - as BSB found out. What happened to you BSB?

Apparantely Grazza had new knicks on today??? Did anyone notice??? I did notice IJ's new Dixon kit though - nice.