Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where Are They Now?

This picture of M1 riders was taken in February 2007 at Maccas. So where are they now:
Ian Johnston (IJ) - Now doing about 600k a week and has obviously dropped a huge amount of kg's in the process. Now racing for Dixon Homes.
Steve K (Special K) - Now on the Australian Triathalon Team (again) and recent winner of the Yaralla Sports Star of the week. Still riding the Bianchi.
Joan - Now the most mature female M1 roadie in the pack and one of the only few brave ones left still doing the block ride on a Saturday morning.
Peter Rassmussen (Rassey) - Now back doing the Tuesday morning bunch ride having recovered from a nasty broken collar bone about 12 months ago - biking accident of course!
Graham Seabrook (Grazza) - Now well on his way to being a hitter in the Tuesday bunch. Having completed a few half marathons since this picture, Grazza's also dropped a few kg!
Karen (K) - Now unfortunately living in Brisbane, but still an inspiration - Karen just completed another triathalon on the weekend and will be at Mt Perry for the MTB ride.
Michael Yong (Mickey Yong) - Mickey Who??????