Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday - The Tap Ride

The general concensus and primary topic of discussion at Maccas this morning was the cold. No matter which ride you turned up on - it was cold. The layers were on, the fingers were frozen and the taps were running.

We caught up with the Ghost out and about early doing a few ekky k's before the ride. The madone still looks new mate - more k's must be needed. On the townie circuit we had about 11 riders plus a few additions along the way. We won't mention the paceline. The King was not happy. On Haddock BSB was on fire - jumping off the front at the start of the climb, he was never to be seen again. Must be all the solo Haddock traning during the week.

Passing the Block Bunch it was evident that it must have been pretty cold - even Bumble Bee had long knicks on!! Now that must be cold!! Pyney and Popey are still convinced they can survive the winter and do the block every Saturday - bets on boys.